Friday, July 2, 2010


I have started as early in the morning busy at the office. If the morning with the daily routine to ensure the user is satisfied with the service computer work, internet and Infolan2 well.

Incidentally I replace Sri Tanjung for hours worked in the 'Meja Penasihat Pengguna' from 9.00am until 12.00 noon. Yesterday the international students come to register themselves at UTM, would the library today with a bit more international students. If the view is like the situation in other countries. Perasannya kita!... hahaha

Many of the questions asked to me and Alhamdulilah the answer according to my ability there. Although tired, but I am satisfied with the service I gave to them. Hu! sakit tau sampai rahang kita...hahaha

In this busy day, my lunch time just to spend time with friends Nusajaya visit Siti Nurhaliza home. Alhamdulilah Siti Nurhaliza beautiful home! Well, semua orang tau kan? Siti Nurhaliza wife pada Datuk K tau...hahaha

In the evening there 'Meja Penasihat Pengguna' briefings that there is little innovation. I hope my colleagues will do the best!

Thanks for my friends Mr. R, Mr. S, Mr. K, Mr. H and Mrs. T. You always work with me!

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