Saturday, December 18, 2010


Kita suka tulisan di bawah ini. Tak salah rasanya kita pinjam hasil tulisan allahyarham Mas Afrizal yang baru kembali ke rahmatullah. Beliau seorang pemuda yang kuat semangat, seorang doktor juga pesakit kanser. Bertahun dia bertarung dengan kanser namun kita kagum dengan sokongan ahli keluarganya terutama ibu allahyarham. Marilah kita sedekahkan Al Fatihah untuk allahyarham.

In life, you choose who becomes your friend. You determine the type of person you want around you, be it a good or a bad friend. A friend you'd hope will remain by your side through the thick and thin. But try as you might, you always feel that friends can only help you to a certain limit before you know you're on your own.

Families, you don't choose them. They are God's gift to you. Curse your luck for getting a nasty sister or a big fat brother, they are part of you and that is final. It's not exchangeable.

But ironically you can always be sure that families will always be there for you, when no one else does.

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