Monday, March 24, 2014

International Day of Happiness

Alhamdulilah do you know but today is a International Day of Happiness. First clap along and be happy. Happy Days!

Numerous studies have found that people who feel positive about life tend to live longer and enjoy better health than their unhappy peers.  


But what if you're feeling down? 

Take action:
  • Pray and doa to Allah. 
  • Get some exercise ? this will boost your feel-good hormones
  • Phone a friend ? a kind voice at the other end of the line can sometimes make you feel a thousand times better.
  • Eat something? a sandwich might make you feel better instantly, especially if your blood sugar levels are low.
  • Bury yourself in a book ? there's nothing like an interesting story to take your attention off your own troubles.
  • Get out into nature ? a walk on the mountain is guaranteed to lift your spirits.
  • Take a nap or a bath ? often you just need some rest to perk you up.
  • And last but not least, clap along with this cool cover of Pharrell Williams's Happy song. It is guaranteed to make you smile all day long. 

Source - Wikipedia

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